Essence of President Xi's Speech and "Two-Sessions" delivered at SWF

On March 17, SWF held a meeting at Jin-Guo-yuan to deliver the essence of President Xi Jinping's speech and the "Two-Sessions". SWf Chairperson Ma Liejian gave a speech at the meeting, while staff of SWF related organizations attended.

At the meeting, Ma delivered the essence of President Xi's speech as he attended the NPC group session of representatives from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Qinghai Province, PLA and People's Armed Police, as well as the CPPCC group session of the medical and education circles. She explained the context of President Xi's speech, and help the staff study the Xi's new development idea for high-quality development in fields like health, education, eco-environment, and national defence.

Ma also passed on President Xi's favorable comment and hope on women's contribution to China's development, and requests on women organizations of all levels. She emphasized the importance of study for all women, as we are at a crucial starting stage for the 14th Five-year Plan.

She made three requests on the staff in work to realize the essences of President Xi's speech and the "Two-Sessions". Firstly, take a higher view, based on good understanding of the Central Government's expectation. Secondly, understand the significance of the "Two-Sessions" at this special time. Thirdly, take the responsibility to encourage more women devote to the development and serve them better with senses of gain, happiness and safety.