Swedish Vice-Consul to Shanghai at SWF for a Call

SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wenlei met with Swedish Vice-Consul Johan Enerback at SWF for a cordial conversation on March 3.

During the conversation, Weng briefed the visitor how Shanghai enhanced implementation of the national policy to ensure women equal to men and a general situation in which Shanghai Women's Federation contributed in the past year to boost women advancement and their legal rights well protected, including improvement of social environment for women to survive. Weng also elaborated on how SWF did it best to support Anti-COVID19 Drive when it was initiated, by answering demands in the first time and sourcing equipment and materials urgently needed by the medics.

Enerback was impressed by SWF sharing to the local economic and social advancement. Meanwhile, he gave an introduction to his Consulate and its plan for the coming April. He warmly invited SWF to send its members to events prepared by the Consulate and present a speech at the event as well. In the end, he furthered his wish to have more collaboration with SWF in the days to come.