CPPCC, Shanghai Branch at a Celebration to Mark International Women's Day

The Committee for Social and Law Development and members of Women Circle attached to CPPCC, Shanghai had their program held on March 10 in Yangpu District to mark the 100th CPC anniversary and the 111th International Women's Day.

Ma Liejian, chairperson of SWF and Li Hong, member of standing committee, CPPCC, Shanghai Branch were invited to the event together with their colleagues of over 30. Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF gave a lecture on equity between women and men. Xie Jiangang, head of CPC Yangpu Chapter and his colleague Deng Xiaodong were also at the event.

All participants were invited to visit the public space along Huangpu River, decorated with a couple of sites as service stop for party members, exhibition for city planning and former site for Yang-Shu-Pu Electrical Plant. Each of the pictures and relics presented certainly caught sights of visitors, who were impressed by the past history and a change taken place recently from an industry belt into a greening zone for locals. In addition, visitors had a call to some facilities offered to local women during the celebration.