The 111th International Women's Day Marked

Li Qiang, Gong Zheng, Jiang Zhuoqing and Dong Yunhu, leaders of Shanghai Authorities extended their seasonal greetings on March 8 to female members of the Local Congress and CPPCC, Shanghai Branch and women from all walks of life in Shanghai.

Li commented that women in Shanghai were so excellent in the Anti-COVID-19 Drive and recovering economic production and social life to have Shanghai well advanced in the past year, whose roles were recognized as "holding up half a sky" in the local economic and social life.

Li encouraged women in Shanghai to keep it up in the new phase of development for the 14th "Five-Year-Plan" and strive to bring about a brand-new progress for women advancement to mark the CPC's 100th anniversary of its birth.

Shanghai Women's Federation initiated its celebration to mark the 111th International Women's Day and the 100th anniversary of CPC on March 8. Hu Wenrong, head of Dept. of Human Resources, CPC, Shanghai Chapter, was invited to the event and addressed audience to carry out President Xi's instruction made recently and enhance the drive for learning CPC history and lead women masses to join in the local economic and social development without any hesitation.

At the event, a lecturers team sponsored by Shanghai Union for Red-Flag-Holders kicked off its first lecture to mark its drive to mark CPC 100th Anniversary of its birth. An initiative "Embroidering CPC Flag with a join hand from women across Yangtze River Delta" was declared open.

The other leaders from the local authority were present at the event as well.