A Meeting Held to Help Women Organizations at Newly-rising Industries to Satisfy their needs

Ma Liejian, head of SWF, together with her colleague Weng Wenlei attended a meeting at Pudong District on Feburary 24, to help local women organizations to satisfy their needs for career development against internet background. Shan Shaojun, deputy secretary-general from CPC Pudong Chapter attended the event.

A group of participants visited an establishment under a name of Home for Women Elites, where visitors had a talk with career women and listened to programs offered.

Ma from SWF confirmed progress Meng-Xiang Corporation and its woman organization achieved and pointed out that online platform established for newly-emerged economy was of significance for today and future. She shared with the group her three comments as the corporation should have a vision to maximize profits to benefit resources, market and local community while seeking for its own profits, always bear in mind its responsibility to balance enhancement between employment and business and stick to its commitment to contributing to business development and community progress. In her talk, she urged the corporation to upgrade its platform, organization and human resource when needed.

Weng had a talk as well, in which she stressed that the 14th "Five-Year-Plan" offered us an excellent opportunity to advance business and she furthered to ask woman organizations to do what they could to back it up and had woman programs measured against the current situation.

At the meeting, SWF staff promised to collaborate with the woman organization to support its programs. Specialists invited at the meeting were from Fudan University and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, who made some comments and suggestions afterwards. More SWF staff were on the tour.