The 14th "Five-Year-Plan for Household Civilization" Draft Discussed

A discussion over the 14th "Five-Year Plan for Household Civilization" was held at Jing-Guo-Yuan on February 26 with specialists from nine authorities in education, public health and etc. present. 16 specialists and staff from SWF attended the discussion, and Cai Hongxia from SWF hosted the discussion

Gu Xiujuan from SWF, in charge of family and child affairs, spoke at the meeting. She expressed her thanks to those who contributed to the completion of the draft and furthered that it was of significance to use the plan as a tool to guide household civilization enhancement. She encouraged the specialists to do more to have the drafted plan improved.

Prof. Ceng Shouchui briefed the participants an outline of the drafted plan, its background, ideas for guidance and etc. Specialists from the local authorities put forward their suggestions and comments on topics related.