Session for SWF Executives Held

SWF held its session for executives at Shanghai CPC University on February 25. Hu Wenrong, head of HR, CPC Shanghai Division gave a speech at the session, with the SWF executive members and SWf staff as participants.

Hu stressed in his address that it was a special year which embodied more red-letter days as the 100th anniversary of CPC's birth and a very start of the newly released Five-year Plan. For this sake, he mentioned that it demanded Shanghai to bring about more wonders on its path to advance and expected more women elites to contribute their wisdom and strength to make it possible. He requested executives to be armed with the Socialist Ideology with Chinese characteristics by President Xi to ensure their progress in a correct political direction. He furthered that SWF should lead executives and woman masses to do more in line with the new national long-march. He asked SWF staff to keep it up with reform to keep SWF staff full of vigor and vitality and CPC SWF organizations functioning well and its organizations at grass-roots operating efficiently.

The Session elected Ma Liejian and Chen Ming SWF as alternate members of the SWF Executives. Ma relayed main ideas from the Sessions for executives hosted by All-China Women's Federation and made a work report to the audience as well.