"Dialogue under the National Flag" Initiated at SWF Kindergarten

Shanghai Municipal Kindergarten hosted its first class of the semester themed with "Dialogue under the National Flag" on February 22. Ma Liejian, head of CPC SWF Division, Xie Zhongliang and Liao Ying from Shanghai Institute of the New Fourth Army History attended the event.

At the flag-raising ceremony, offspring of the New Fourth Army soldiers were invited to join and share stories in wars with the children according to their knowledge, including 75-year-old Luo Fen, a daughter of General Luo Weidao. She was a graduate of Shanghai Municipal Kindergarten, and now the vice president of Shanghai Institute of the New Fourth Army History. Luo shared her story with the audiences about her brothers fighting against enemies in wars.

Teachers from the Kindergarten pledged to take heroes as good examples and try their best to do a good job in offering children, parents and coworkers quality services.

Ma gave a talk, in which she said it was of significance to sow a seed of revolutionary tradition at children by feeding them with stories of CPC history, as they would become elites to the nation when they grew up.