Annual Sum-up Meeting Held at SWF

SWF held its annual sum-up meeting at Jing-Guo-Yuan on February 20. Ma Liejian, head of SWF Division, CPC, addressed the SWF staff participated. The meeting was chaired by SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wenlei.

Weng presented the 2020 SWF annual work report, in answering to a call from the Central Committee, CPC to give more attention to four histories, advanced its women course with a success by attracting more women around it and celebrate CPC 70th anniversary since it was born with its unique action. She furthered that the SWF did its best to contribute to the local economic and social life recovery and development in spite of affection from the COVIC-19 attack. She added that SWF gave a fast response to needs from career women by guiding its team to enhance household related service and intensifying family tradition advancement. She assured the participants that SWF persisted in combining legal rights protection with social security maintenance, in which, SWF strived to protect women and children from their legal rights infringed and attached more attention to women and children in difficulty in a bid to keep their life quality uninterrupted. She indicated that SWF kept reforming its organizational structure and facilitate development of its grass-root organizations, centers and contingent. She was happy to tell that SWF passed assessment and jumped at the rank of excellence by the end of year assessed by the local authority. Advanced staff and departments were honored at the meeting.

Ma was asked to share with the staff main ideas delivered from the municipal NPC & CPPCC, including main ideas about the coming five-year plan for the local economic and social advancement. Ma also relayed main ideas from All-China Women's Federation and her latest plenary session to re-assure her team to carry out instructions from President Xi on women advancement without hesitation, focus their attention on the coming "Five-Year Plan" to ensure its good start and upgrade work quality to mark the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) birth.

At the end of the meeting, Ma put forward points for her staff to follow: Firstly, stress on an ideological guidance and well organize celebrations to mark the CPC 100th anniversary. Secondly, compare what SWF ready to do with targets assigned by the local authority, so as to upgrade SWF contribution to the local advancement. Thirdly, inspire SWF staff to improve their quality of service, intensify its strength at grass-root organizations and enhance staff work style and ability.