Immigrant Woman Workers Visited by SWF Leaders

Ma Liejian, head of SWF Division, CPC together with Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF visited Pudong Public Training Center for Housekeeping Service on February 10, to extend a cordial seasonal greeting to immigrant woman workers who answered a call from the local government to retain in Shanghai on shifts during the Spring Festival. Ma expressed her gratefulness to the woman workers kept working for their employers during the holidays, and urged her colleagues to care those woman workers more.

Later, Ma visited a group of woman street cleaners at Xuhui District, where She had a cordial conversation with them and send them her seasonal greetings with holiday souvenirs. Zhang Lili from the Shanghai Association of Housekeepers accompanied the tour together with Shan Shaojun, from Pudong Division, CPC, Lu Minzhi from SWF Pudong Division and etc.