Immigrant Woman Workers Visited by Jing-Guo-Yuan Staff

To ensure COVID-19 in good control in Shanghai, more immigrant workers were encouraged to retain in Shanghai and enjoy their off-peak holiday leave later. Jing-Guo-Yuan, a Service Center for Direction attached to SWF initiated a volunteer tour by calling on its staff to share their care with those immigrant woman workers on shifts, so asto comfort them away from home in the Spring Festival.

Members of CPC and YL arranged a visit to a group of city-cleaners retained in Shanghai,offered them holiday gifts and thanked them for their service tothe city.

Accompanied by Zhang Meihua, vice chairperson of SWF Xuhui Division, the team visited a grocery market, where the first woman organization was set up in this line across the country. According to Zhang's introduction, the grocery market so far grouped up more than 200 woman-vendors to carry out programs to remain their quality service unchanged and vegetable provision in time. It was Jing-Guo-Yuan who invited a group of businesses to join the comfort tour with their products offered as gifts to workers they visited.

During the visit, the immigrant workers retained in Shanghai were grateful to visitors for their seasonal greetings and souvenirs offered. They reflected that they would keep it up and contribute their bit to the city advancement.