SWF Leaders on Their Tour to Comfort Women and Children in Difficulty

SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wenlei, and Wang Luning, president of Shanghai Children's Foundation went to Changning District on February 1 to visit sick women and children in difficulty. They were accompanied by Jiao Wenyan, chairperson of SWF Changning Division and her team.

Weng had a cordial talk with a severely sick woman and strived to understand better her medical treatment and family economic situation. In her talk, Weng encouraged the woman to keep in good mode while having medical treatment and managed to plucked up her courage to enjoy her life despite of difficulty. The companions from the local introduced about the women in difficulty and assistance offered. They encouraged the woman to join team programs in the neighborhood where she could communicate with more fellows if she felt better.

During her tour to visit women and children in difficulty, Weng urged her colleagues at local division to give enough attention to women and children in difficulty as SWF was nothing, but reliable backbone for them. She furthered that economic assistance were needed for those people and psychological comfort was also necessary.