A Survey Tour at SWF Putuo Division

Together with her colleagues from SWF Headquarter and Putuo Division, SWF Vice Chairperson Wang Jianzhang visited Putuo District on January 29 for a survey tour.

During the tour, Chen Jing from SWF Putuo Division briefed the group programs done on organization structural enhancement and facility development. Hou Dongmei from the Division gave an introduction to her projects with local colors.

Wang recognized efforts made by colleagues from Putuo Division and put forward three points for enforcement. Firstly, combine facility development with a program to set up centers for practicing civilization at New Era. Secondly, take the facility available as a platform to carry on programs related with family tradition and community enhancement. Thirdly, enrich programs at facilities in the benefit of local residents by identifying their demands and needs.

At the beginning of the tour, Wang visited two facilities at Wanli Neighborhood and Taopu Township.