SWF Leadership at Songjiang for a Seasonal Visit

A SWF team led by Liu Wuping of SWF visited Songjiang District to extend their seasonal regards to mothers and children in difficulty there on January 29. Lin Hua from SWF Songjiang Division accompanied the tour along with the other local leadership.

Liu called at several mothers and children and had talks with them in a bid to understand their status better in terms of their daily life, family enhancement and physical condition. In her talk, Liu encouraged the mothers in difficulty to take care of themselves and hoped them recover soon from illness. Liu extended her best regards and allowances to them on behalf of SWF and wished them a happy Spring Festival.

Afterwards, Liu visited a facility offered to the local residents and explored there its service and programs. Liu recognized its successfulness and inspired it to keep it up, so as to contribute to a drive to set up a friendly environment for the local community.

More similar visits were to be arranged by SWF Songjiang Division later to call at a group of Red-flag-holders, mothers in sickness and etc. with seasonal greetings and allowances.