SWF Vice Chairperson Researched on the Family Centers in Hongkou District

On January 26, SWF Vice Chairperson Wang Jianzhang led a team researching on women-related works in Hongkou District, accompanied by officials of the SWF Hongkou Division.

The team first researched on the Family Center in Jiaxing Rd. Neighborhood, featuring four fist products as Fireflies Parent-child Library, Jiaxing Needlecraft Workshop, Maple Calligraphy and Painting Institute and Miao Xiu Studio. The four products offer multidimensional services at the local families' needs respectively, including guidance in scientific child-reading, traditional culture inherit, family culture shaping, and marriage.

The team then visited the "Family Center" at the North Bund Neighborhood, one of the five Family Centers recently set up in Hondkou District, as trials of such centers in the "Four New Fields"(new field, new industry, new class, and new group). The Center planned to bring all its projects into the buildings in the neighborhood, and thus made the center a platform that gathers the white-collar families, connects different enterprises in the buildings, and links different industries in the neighborhood.

Qin Jing, vice chairperson of SWF Hongkou Division made a report themed with "Care for Children Growth and Follow Family Happiness". She briefed the seven moves of Hongkou Division in the "Family Happiness Project", exploring more potentials of the Family Centers.

Gu Xiujuan, head of SWF Family and Children Department, commented favorably on Hongkou Division's achievement on the Family Center projects, as it broadened the vision of Family Centers by bringing the "Four New Fields" in.

Wang of SWF requested the Hongkou Division kept on playing its role in guiding the local women and families, branding the innovative work in the Family Center project, strengthening theoretical research on family civilization construction, and thus contribute to the social harmony.