Women NGOs Annual Leadership Session Held

On January 19, a municipal-level women NGOs leadership session was held by SWF. 18 NGOs attended the session, shared their work in 2020 and plans for 2021. SWF Chairperson Xu Feng, Vice Chairperson Weng Wenlei and Wang Jianzhang were present.

All the women NGOs had great achievements in 2020. With SWF's guidance, the women organizations reacted actively at the unexpected epidemic situation. They made full use of their expertise and organization ability in the battle against coronavirus-spreading. Meanwhile, the organizations also developed a series of lectures and themed activities both online and offline, enhancing women-related advocation and communication through new media.

In 2021, the organizations planned to develop more activities that benefits women's growth in multiple forms, based on SWF's general plan and themed with the CPC's 100th anniversary. They also promised to contribute more in organizing the social resources and forces in SWF key projects. They would play their roles in accelerating the integration of the Yangtze River Delta by gathering more women elites, and supporting more industrial communication and operation in the region, so as to realize a high-quality development hand in hand.

Xu of SWF made two requests on the women NGOs' work in 2021 based on President Xi Jinping's requests for Shanghai. Firstly, broaden the guidance and service platform for Shanghai women development. The change of gender concept and modern technology development offered better chances for women vocational development. The women federations together with other women NGOs should offer more platforms where career women could communicate and share with each other, which might help support more women in their career pursuit, and social progress as well.

Secondly, the women NGOs should play a better role in telling the story of China and the story of Shanghai Women. She emphasized that the NGOs' voices would not only shapea real and active image of Shanghai women abroad, but also display an important form of people's participation in social administration. Xu encouraged the NGOs to play positive roles in people-to-people diplomacy.