6th Plenary Session Held for Shanghai Institute of Family Education

Shanghai Institute of Family Education held its 6th plenary session on January 20 at Jin-Guo-Yuan. 91 members attended the session. SWF Chairperson Xu Feng, and Ren Xiaowen, executive vice president of Shanghai Federation of Social Sciences attended and address the session.

Xu from SWF offered her three suggestions in her talk to the session. Firstly, she urged the institute to accurate its direction and coordinate against the current situation, so as to contribute more to the Chinese Dream Project. Secondly, she urged the institute to accurate its understanding of the family education program, including its vista and tendency, so as to play a role in micro-research and consultation for decision-making. Thirdly, she urged the institute to accurate a focus and difficulties related with family education, so as to ensure the advancement of family education without any setbacks.

Ren from the Federation of Social Sciences pointed out in his talk that the institute did an excellent job in enhancing family education, as an important tool to facilitate socialist core value system program. He further requested the institute to keep it up by respecting laws and its constitution and turn out programs in the benefit of children at their earlier stage of growth.

Prof. Yang Xiong, vice president of the Institute made a report to recall achievements scored in the past year and shared with the audience four suggestions for improvement in the days to come. He Huijuan and Sang Biao, vice presidents of the Institute reported on the financial work and the Institute's constitution revision respectively.

At the session, SWF Vice Chairperson Wang Jianzhang was elected the president of the 6th Board of the Institute, while Pei Xiaoqian, vice president of Shanghai Normal University and the other six professionals were elected vice presidents, and Gu Xiujuan of SWF elected the secretary-general. Wang, the newly elected president, addressed her team that family education was a multi-disciplinary profession. She urged her team to spend more time on theoretical studies, to lead family education program advancing as expected in the near future.

The session endorsed a couple of decisions made to guide family education program in the days to come.