Assessment and Award for Red-Flag Holders from 2019-2020 Announced Open

A preparation meeting for the assessment and award of the Shanghai Women Pace-setters in 2019-2020 was held on January 14 SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wenglei attended the meeting and addressed the participants. Tong Fangmeng from the city authority for human resource development made an orientation on the program. 50 participants from related departments, organizations and enterprises attended.

The targeted applicants this year would be focused among those female hard workers who made contributions to three key missions assigned for Shanghai by the Central Government and other important city assignments to upgrade the city's competitiveness. The procedure for the assessment was as follows: asking for appropriate applicants recommended from all walks of life and having applicants assessed by the jury afterwards. The program was expected to award 300 Women Pace-setters and 200 Women Pace-setter Groups. Among them, 10 top winners would be named Pace -Setter and another 10 for Nominees for Pace-Setter.

Mrs. Weng, SWF Vice Chairperson urged her team to have a better understanding of its significance and have the program proceeded according to the rules and procedure to ensure the program just, fair and open.