Orientation held to facilitate change of term for grass-roots

SWF hosted its orientation at Science Hall on January 8 to announce the start of election for its grass-root organizations. SWF Chairperson Xu Feng, Vice Chairperson Sun Mei'e, attended the orientation together with their staff from departments related and SWF divisions at all districts in Shanghai. The orientation was intended to cover all staff related with the election to ensure it a success.

At the orientation, Xu stressed in her talk that it was of great significance to ensure the election for grass-root woman organizations and resident and village committees done according to a unified time schedule and women representatives found at newly changed resident and village committees across the whole city. As is believed that it benefited self-governance at grass-roots and offered an approach for SWF and its subordinated organs to make contribution to the local community advancement. The routine of election for grass-root organizations was refined in which the term of office was prolonged to five years from three. And it was the first time to held election for grass-roots women organizations and resident and village committees at the same time. Xu urged her staff to have the program done according to designed schedule, including setting up a team among SWF organs to ensure objectives as ratio and procedures mainstreamed. In another word, all new resident and village committees should have a woman member to sit on and grass-root woman organization heads should be founded to sit on all committees and etc.

SWF was to issue a guide book for the election and offer trainings to those in need.