Union for Hostesses for Guest House Established

On October 30, SWF, together with City Bureau of Culture and Tourism had a project to support female famers in guest house business, as a move to assist the 3rd China International Import Expo.

Female farmers so far were a mainstay for the local guest house service. On the day, a union for hostesses of guest houses was set up. 25 countryside guest houses, as the first group of members, got registered with the Union, which was interpreted as a good approach to expand employment for female farmers and was expected to inspire advancement of agriculture, culture and tourism on a business-related chain. A call was issued at the event to support the International Import Expo when it was opened.

On the same day, the second group of Five-Star guest houses were honored and Board of Directors for the Union was announced. Wang Fang from Jinshan District was elected the first president for the Union.

More countryside services headed by female farmers came into being since SWF initiated its project to better-off countryside. It was sure that guest house hostesses would be benefited from 16 lines to tour Shanghai rural areas declared to the public recently.