70th Anniversary of Marriage Law Marked

On October 23, SWF together with Institutes of Laws and Marriage initiated a seminar to mark the 70thanniversary of Marriage Law since it was promulgated. The Seminar touched the topic of Civil Law as well.

In the past 70 years, under the guidance of SWF, marriage and family advancement and actions against violation of legal rights for women and children have made a tremendous progress. SWF voice has been always heard when laws and regulations related with women and children's benefits were ready to be promulgated. Shanghai Commission for Review of Gender Equity has been established. A "Four-In-One" disposal network has come into being with letters review, legal aid, psychological consultation and disputes mediation involved. A Commission for Mediation and Mediation Workshop affiliated to the Secondary Court have been functioning well. An Anti-Domestic-Violence mechanism has eventually formed with a combined force of ten unites. SWF has succeeded in issuing documents to strengthen links with Supreme court and procuratorate in protecting women and children's legal rights. What is more that mediators, researchers and consultants have been recommended to civil cases, so as to give an attention to women and children victims.

Since the Civil Law issued, SWF intensified its publication among civilians together with the Institute of Female Layers and presented a review together with Institute of Laws and Wenhui Daily to detail 70 years of success in protecting women's legal rights.

It was registered that 85 papers presented to review a history of legal right protection for women and children under the guidance of Marriage Law and foresee a vista for laws and systems on family and marriage at the very era when Civil Law had been promulgated.