"Osteoporosis Day" Marked in Shanghai

On October 20, "Osteoporosis Day" was marked in Shanghai at Yangpu District. Leaders from SWF, Workers' Union, Yangpu Government and Shanghai Academy of Sport Education were invited to the marking even. The project offered film titled "Osteoporosis Can't Be Neglected", drama show on keeping healthy bones and medical consultation free of charge.

Women organization at Yangpu District established a special to call for women to play roles of director, managers and supervisors in advising their family members to give a sufficient attention to keep bones health. Ge Yingming, vice chairperson of SWF and Guo Jing from the Workers Union unveiled the Union, which issued its call to inspire mothers to practice a healthy of life and play a unique role in the nation-wide drive "Keeping China Healthy".

Cao Xi from Yangpu District government and Li Yin from the Academy initiated a project together to send packages of healthy bones publication to schools, which was designed to back up schools in practicing family doctor scheme to keep an eye on students to ensure their fitness all the way.

To support "Action for Healthy Shanghai", Tao Luna, World Championship and Prof. Chen Shiyi from Huashan Hospital were recognized as healthy-bone celebrities in Shanghai, who were asked to give a wide publicity to healthy bones to local community. More publications were offered by the local medical services and services for seniors at the event.