"Using Serving - Chopsticks and Spoons" Recommended

On Oct.19, SWF hosted an assessment session to review posters contributed by the public on a theme of recommending "Using Serving-Chopsticks and Spoons at Meals". Specialists from "Modern Family" Magazine, Xinmin Evening News and etc. made up a team for the review.

SWF initiated its project since May of 2020. In the past three months from May to August, 1,328 pieces of contribution were presented, including 589 pieces of literature, 531 pieces of drawing and 208 pieces of VCR. The contribution was not only from Shanghai, but also from cities of other provinces. The contributions focused on recommending families to be leaders of practitioner, recommender and guiders in the drive to use serving-chopsticks and spoons at meals.

Based on review in line with principles of objectiveness, open and fairness, the best 48 pieces of works were stood out, among which 18 pieces of drawing, 15 pieces of literature and 15 pieces of VCR. In addition, excellent prize went to 155 pieces of drawing, 72 pieces of literature and 38 pieces of VCR. SWF Changning Chapter, Hongkou Chapter and Jiading Chapter were honored as the best organizers.