?A Themed Project on "Four-History-Learning" Initiated

On Oct. 15, SWF, together with Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, Shanghai Chapter, initiated a themed project among members of the other parties out of power to learn four histories and enhance advancement. SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wenlei and Wang Hui-Ming, deputy director of the Chinese Kuomintang, Shanghai Chapter attended the project and addressed the audiences.

Wang extended her gratefulness to SWF for its great support and kind help towards the Chinese Kuomintang. In her talk, she mentioned that key tasks for the Chinese Kuomintang matched the target for women advancement and she expected to have more collaboration with SWF in issues of farming, farmers and floral culture in particular. Weng of SWF mentioned that since the situation for women advancement remained tough, female members of the parties out of power were suggested to devote their attention to rendering their comments on local governance and participating in supervision of public affairs and tried their best to have their voice heard at higher leveled decision-making.

Before the gathering, women groups went to visit a guesthouse and business zone located at a village. The project was designed to intensify links and exchanges between SWF and female members of parties out of power and tended to find out how to give a full place to roles of female members in the local political and economic life based on a combined resource of all. At the gathering, Jiang Tianxi, head of Women Organization attached to the Chinese Kuomintang, Shanghai Chapter chaired an exchange where she gave an introduction to its history to showcase how women Kuomintang members contributed to the development of history at each of its phases. As a main platform for its women's affairs, woman organization attached tried its best to mobilize its female forces by programs for union, researches and etc. which turned out a group of women elites of younger generation. Jiang continued that in the next step, women organization would keep it up and seek for a brand-new approach and idea for good.

More spoked at the exchange such as Shen Yi, who shared with the audience her grandfather's story with the Chinese Kuomintang and her personal story to develop a business in area of integrated circuit, Zhang Yuxia shared hers for her success in gaining honors from the state in a capacity of lawyer and Zhang Qinfeng, shared her experience in contributing comments and suggestions to the local government for reference in decision-making.