SWF "Obstacles-Free" Seminar Held at Grass-Roots

On Oct. 14, SWF initiated a seminar right at a Women's Home in Baoshan District to free obstacles and difficulties ahead of SWF grass-roots orgnizations in program operation together with a meeting to recognize those homes enhanced based on their efforts. SWF Chairperson Xu Feng attended the meetings and addressed to her team present at the event. The meeting was chaired by SWF Vice Chairperson Sun Mei'e and over 60 staff together with heads of Women's Homes.

Xu extended her congratulations to those homes enhanced, and recognized five presentations with comments and suggestions based on their practices and thinking. She also shared her comments over President Xi's address at UN meeting, in which, she asked her team to guide SWF executives to play a leading role in the implementation of President Xi's ideas on socialist thoughts with the Chinese characteristics at the New Era, to give their possible assistance to the grass-roots organizations and to participant in local community governance. In the end, Xu urged her team to intensify SWF programs in organization development, organization empowerment and attitude enhancement by moving away obstacles and difficulties ahead.

The Seminar touched a couple of issues as women organization reform, operation of executives at grass-roots and dual-leadership. The Seminar was so sucessful that a break-through in obstacle-free was achieved.

SWF staff presented two document drafts regarding executives' operation at grass-roots and guidance on establishement of dual leadership for comments and suggestions during the Seminar.SWF set three stardards for assessment of Women's Homes in terms of their quality of service and operation. Nowadays, 46 Women's Homes were enhanced to the next-high level, including 27 Homes recognized at the Seminar.

The Obstacle-Free project was designed by SWF to up-grade its operation efficiency and have program done right to meet the needs of its tarketed clients.