17th Family Culture Festival Initiated at Guilin Park

On Oct.2, the 17th Festival on Family Culture was initiated at Guilin Park together with a Mid-Moon Celebration marked, which was organized by SWF, City Authority for Civilization Enhancement and etc. Close to 600 honored families and representatives of women from all walks of life were invited to the event.

Xu said in her address that a family was a mini-country and a country was made up of thousands of families. Family harmony was a foundation for community security and family coherence framed up a peaceful community and civilized family was a base for a civilized community.

Xu stressed that in line with a philosophy of for the people set by the local government, SWF should do her best to use family related projects as tools to play an important role in the local community governance, including projects for garbage-sorting, recommending public chopsticks at meals and etc.

15 families were honored the nation-wide best families in combating against VOVID-19, including Lei Han's family. 448 families were honored the Best Families in Shanghai in 2020, including Ding Qinhua. 825 honored families issued a call to all families in Shanghai to say no to waste of grains and being all for diligent and thrifty.

A diversified and colored performance was arranged to entertained all participants, which included a waggle dance, solos of local dramas and etc. After the celebration, participants were guided to tour the Park to cover six recreational zones arranged.

The event held in Guilin Park was one of the important projects for a month-long enhancement of family civilization series. One more big issue would be arranged from end of Sep. to Oct. 8, 2020 at Lujiazui, Pudong via a Screen to demonstrate family civilization progress in the recent years.