Idea Exchanges on Learning President Xi's Address at UN

On Oct.9, SWF hosted a CPC Learning Session among its members including those invited. The Session focused on learning President Xi's instruction made at UN Meeting in marking 25th anniversary of the 4th World Women's Conference held at Beijing. The Session was chaired by Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF and those present at it shared with each other their comments on learning.

In her talk, Xu mentioned that President Xi's instruction at UN far-sighted, was nothing, but an important document to guide women affairs workers to enhance women advancement. She urged her mates to learn and bear in mind President Xi's instruction and try their best to have their job better based on Shanghai situation. Her requests were listed as offering an attention to female medics and women in difficulty with career couples their needs in particular, putting into practice state policy on equity between women and men as to including initiating gender statistics as an tool to eliminate discrimination and violence against women in the coming period of the 14th Five-Year Period, furthering women's advancement of inspiring women to make contribution to the local economic, community and family life and striving to play a unique role in strengthening international unity and collaboration among women of all nations

In the next stage, SWF would guide its team to further learning of President Xi's instruction and try to put main ideas of his instruction into SWF practices to enhance women and children advancement.