Training Course for SWF Staff and Executives Held

Shanghai Women's Federation held its 11th training course for its staff and executives on August 18-21 to enhance their knowledge on socialism with the Chinese characteristic in line with educational program on four histories and local economic situation and best practice in social development. Sun Mei'e made an address at the opening with over 80 SWF staff and executives present at the training.

Apart from the above-mentioned topics touched, the training curriculum also included field trips and lectures in Qingpu and Yangpu Districts to guide the trainees better understand a general plan for an integrated advancement across the Yangtze River Delta and an important idea as development of city demanding its citizens' joint efforts and city development based on its citizens needs. Professors and specialists from CPC College and local universities shared their knowledge and views with the trainees, which were well cherished and appreciated. In addition, five executives were asked to report on their performance in a capacity of executives.

The four-day training program was conducive to enhancing staff and executives' knowledge and ability in facilitating women advancement in the city.