AI Forum for Women Elites Held in Shanghai

On July 9, an AI Forum for Women Elites attached to the World Conference for AI' 2020 was held jointly by Shanghai Commission for Women & Children Advancement, Shanghai Women's Federation, Shanghai Trade Union, Shanghai Committee for Economy and Information and Xuhui District Government. Entrepreneurs and professionals with high reputation were invited to speak at the forum to share with audience their views concerning a possibility for women working in the area of AI and suggestions on women's contribution to advancement of AI. VIPs from city authorities were invited to the event.

When the Forum started,He Jie, the host gave an introduction to its background, significance and aims. To be followed, she pointed out that it was the first time to have a forum focusing on women in AI only, which obviously tended to draw an attention from the public to women's role in the enhancement of AI. Zong Ming, vice mayor of Shanghai presented an address at the opening and Cecilia UGAZ Estrada, the Primary Advisor to UNDEP. sent her personal congratulation to the Forum via video.

Before the start of the Forum, a prize ceremony was held to recognize a group of model career women for their excellent performance in technical innovation. VIPs from the local authority presented prizes to those honored. During the key-note speech session and round-table session, there were 12 entrepreneurs, professionals and officials contributed their presentation on topics of interaction between women and AI related with AI advancement and vista for women in the future. At the end of the Forum, 11 participants to the Forum issued a call to encourage more women in career to contribute their share to the AI advancement. All in all, the Forum was designed to call women in career to join in advancement of AI and expected women in career benefiting from the AI advancement as well.