Psychological Service Available in Community

In answering to a call from All-China Women's Federation to initiate a drive for a healthy China with aResponse from Mothers, SWF, associated with Shanghai College of Sport Education, established a research center of Psychology onhealthy mothers, which was to target on women's psychological difficulties, in a bid to provide women with a guidance for a healthy advancement.

Co-sponsored by SWF, Shanghai College of Sport Education and HR Dept. attached to CPC Yangpu District, a project "Psychological Service Available in Community" was initiated On August 11. SWF Vice ChairpersonWeng Wenlei, and Li Qin, head of Shanghai College of Sport Education unveiled the center for its official establishment. Jin Xueping from SWF Yangpu Division and Wang Xiaochun from the College assigned an agreement to back the project.

Based on the national drive for a healthy China, SWF detailed its project under the name of psychologists at community who were ready to back up household to live in a healthy way. Resources of sponsors mentioned would be combined together to guide the local families to eat, exercise and adjust reasonably and prevent local residents from illness.

On the same day when the drive in Shanghai was initiated, psychologists from the College of Sport Education and back-bones from Mothers Union for Public Affairs in Yangpu District had an interaction among themselves. Maters from the Union were to be trained in pairs by the psychologists in an aim to turn them into amateur-psychologists for community consultation service.