Ready-to-be Upgraded "Women's Home" Assessed

SWF initiated its assessment program from 2019 to 2020 to review Women's Homes applied for upgrading. There were 100 applicants for enhancement with 31 applicants stood out for a follow-up assessment. Under the leadership of Sun Mei'e and Su Rong, vice chairpersons of SWF, eight assessment teams were set up responsible for review, survey and face-to-face assessment.

The teams had survey tours of each Home applied for enhancement to hear their presentation, referred to files available and had questions and answers afterwards. On the whole, the assessment was conducive to upgrading service quality of each applicant. Based on the survey tour, teams completed their assessment by offering their comments for a final decision, which includedeach applicant's strength and weakness and ranked applicants according to their performance.

SWF would announce its assessment result soon and "Upgraded Women' Homes" were to be recognized by the end of September.