Legal Issues on "Sexual Abuse of Children" discussed

All-China Women's Federation initiated a research on possible legal punishment over sexual abuse of children in year of 2020. A research team visited Shanghai on August 5-7 for a field survey and SWF had its staff from the Dept. of Rights Protection attended the survey throughout the whole course. The survey was assisted by Depts. Of Social Securities in Shanghai.

The team from Beijing gave an intensive attention to cases did by the local authority to protect children from sexual abuse and characteristics involved, from which, the team appreciated first-hand information they got from the survey as execution of a code in Shanghai to banabusers from engaging in certain jobs, a general picture of legal punishment of child abusers and difficulties hard to overcome in dealing with some child-abusing cases.

The team went to visit local public security authority, courts and etc. to share with the stafftheir best practice and comments over the cases related for reference during their stay in Shanghai.