Training Domestic Workers at Yun-nan Province Initiated

In mid July, Li Qiang, head of CPC Shanghai Chapter visited an autonomous prefecture in Guangnan County of Yunnan Province for a survey, together with other VIPS from Shanghai CPC Chapter and government.

During Li's stay in the County, hisattention was caught by a training program named "Cloud Sister-in-law" offered by SWF. He enquired about the length of the training, possibility for job arrangement and potential income for domestic workers. Li urged trainers from Shanghai to do a good job of it which was to help the locals to be lifted out of poverty. Chen Hao, head of CPC Yunnan Chapter accompanied the survey.

53 trainees selected for the training were those from poverty-stricken households moved to the present residence from somewhere else recently. The local government was so kind that not only helped them with residence provision, but also with a skill training to back them up for living.

It was since 2018 that SWF initiated its training program for domestic workers together with Yun-nan Province partners under the guidance of Shanghai Federation for Modern Service. SWF sent out its lecturers to Yunnan Province to support training program, which had developed so far courses for domestic work, baby nursing and assisting the seniority. Lecturers from Shanghai encouraged the local trainees to learn skills with their diversion, so as to earn their families bread. It was estimated that 8 training courses were completed so far with over a thousand jobless women trained. At present 21 trained women found their jobs in Shanghai.