SWF Publicity Program' 2021 Discussed

On August 5, SWF held a meetingto foresee its publicity program in year of 2021. SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wenlei attended and made a speech to the audience. About 40 staff were present at the meeting with Chen Jianjun in charge of Dept. of Publicity as a hostess.

In her address, Weng extended her thanks to those staff who worked hard to enhance publicity program, especially in diversifying platforms for publicity which were used to reach women and local communities to have them better understand women affairs and important social events and inspire career women to contribute to the local economic advancement. She urged staff to make a good use of platforms for publicity by relying on professional magazines and papers to give a wide publicity to women elites and well-behaved households. She further urged staff to help with professional magazine and papers for their subscription for the coming year.

Lu Jing, responsible for Magazine "Modern Family" and "For Children" briefed the audience its general situation for subscription. Chen of SWF gave an introduction to subscription for magazines and papers hosted by All-China Women's Federation in the coming year. Staff from five districts as Fengxian, Jingshan and etc. shared their practices in promotion for subscription. The others contributed their comments and suggestions for improvement of subscription for next year and extended their wishes to mass media to have more and better reading materials available for the general public.