The 4th Survey on Chinese Women Social Status Inspected

Du Jie, researcher and deputy director of Women Studies Institute attached to All-China Women's Federation, led a group of three professionals to Shanghai for an inspection over the survey carried out in Shanghai on July 27-30.

During their stay in Shanghai, the inspection group listened to an over-all report over the survey done in Shanghai and referred to files related. Ge Yingming attended the meeting together with her colleagues as Pan Weihong and Zhang Yanhua, who were in charge of the survey. According to the schedule, the Inspection Group visited a number of residence committees either at city or suburbs, where the Group heard reports, had questions and answers and visited households in order to gain a first-hand information from Shanghai area.

The Group recognized the survey done in Shanghai and gave praises particularly to jobs done by SWF in training and inspiring the public and guiding survey and inspection among its staff. Du Jie pointed out during her inspection tour that based on the fact that the 4th survey had caught an attention from the local authority,Shanghai Women's Federation did an excellent job in planning, setting up mechanism to ensure main work done and etc. She further asked SWF to do a sum-up, collect best practices at grass-roots and prepare to the follow-up.

In the next phase, the administration for the 4th Survey was going to arrange a follow-up schedule and take further measures to ensure the survey a success, based on the national time-table and reflections from the Inspection Group.The administration was to guide her staff to review work done and have mistakes corrected and file collected in the days to come.