Jing-Guo-Wen-Ming-Gang Holders Called by SWF Chairperson

On July 31, SWF Chairperson Xu Feng led a group to call at two recognized holders for Jing-Guo-Wen-Ming-Gang at Shanghai High-speed Railway station and Eastern Airline.

Xu stressed that the Railway and Airline joined in combating against CONVID-19 from the very beginning with their staff active at the forefront to support medics with material transportation and provision. At time when Anti-COVID-19 drive becamenormal, it was time for SWF to strengthen its communication and links with the above-mentioned two and do its best to offer assistance to career women there.

At the first phase of Anti-COVID-19 Drive, No.2 group from theHigh-speed Railway rushed to transport protective materials to Wuhan in no time, during which, a CPC Team was set up to help train attendants with their cleaning service and led a way to give a wide publicity to community on prevention and control of CONVID-19. Zhang Xiaoxin from the Railway and her group highly recognized for their excellent contribution to passengers and material transportation without any delay.