A Research for Final-Decision Issued to Backup Legal Right Protection for Women and Children

In the morning of July 28, a research on public interest litigation mechanism established for protection of legal rights of women and children was issued at East-China University for Politics and Laws. A group of responsible persons from SWF, city authority for procuratorial work and legislation were present at the meeting together with researchers.

Mr. Lu Rong-gen from SWF made a speech at which, he expected the research team to do what they could to find out a reliable mechanism to back up a social network to offer women and children a legal protection, in answering to a call from the local government to better city in the interest of citizens and improve city environment with involvement of efforts from its citizens.

Mr. Ni in charge of Institute of Criminal Judicature, East-China University of Politics and Laws was a head of the research team, who shared with the meeting a general idea for the research project, including its framework and stress. Participants to the meeting enjoyed a heated discussion among themselves.

As a follow-up, SWF was to play a role of guider in the coming days and provide the team with assistance at needs to ensure the research possible and successful.