Supervision & Training Held to Help with Prevention & Resolve of Disputes

In the afternoon of July 29th, a supervision and training course was issued at Jin-Guo-Yuan to help with preventing and resolving disputes at local community. It estimated that SWF staff, supervisors and 16 institutes responsible for the project were present at the event.It was said that the service was paid off by SWF.

Mr. Lu Rong-gen, Chief of the Dept. for Legal Rights Protection made an orientation at the beginning, in which ,he stressed that SWF and its sub-division carried duties of guidance and supervision to ensure service in action as expected. Project operators should carry out their responsibility without any hesitation according to standards. It was expected that a combined efforts established among all parties to have domestic disputes resolved and prevented in time.

Ms. Cao Hai-ying, Deputy Chief of the Dept. gave an introduction to project operation as a whole, in which, she assured the audience that mechanism for operation established and governance over the project improved, though there were still rooms for improvement. She urged all parties to do a good job in the following areas in the days to come such as household survey, service specially arranged and case studies.

A project supervisor offer his supervision at the training. He asked project operators to get ready for the coming assessment at the end of August.