Themed Lecture Held to Call for Learning "Four Histories"

In the afternoon of July 27th, CPC SWF Division hosted a themed lecture to carry our learning "4 Histories" project in action nowadays in CPC organizations. Three doctor and nurses from the local hospitals were invited to speak at the meeting, which was designed as a party lecture for SWF CPC members.

The lecture was chaired by Ms. Weng, Vice Chairperson. She addressed the group at the beginning as it was a good approach to provide CPC members with course of learning four histories based on a understanding that histories were best textbooks for us all. She continued that the Drive to have COVID-19 in good check would for sure leave a chapter at the CPC modern history.

Three speakers from the local hospitals once were send to fight against COVID-19 virus in hospitals at Wu-han and their presentation of personal experience touched every listener on the spot. It was said that Hua-shan Hospital ever send out a good many medics to Wu-han, out of which 16 medics were recruited as CPC members.

Ms.Chen Zhen, a head nurse from East-China Hospital, was among the first group of medics to work in Wu-han hospitals. She seized every dangerous job to carry on herself, as she said she preferred to be hurt alone and leave opportunity of alive to her colleagues. When she came back to be asked if she would take other choice, Ms. Chen confirmed her choice unchanged, as she said it was the best way to learn to be Florence Nightingale.

Dr. Luo from Rui-jing Hospital was on the 4th team send to work in Wu-han hospital. She went to work in 24 hours since she arrived there. Under the guidance of a group of well-experienced medics, she succeeded in each of medical treatment practice.

It was reported that Shanghai has send out a team of 1649 medics, out whom, 1089 were female. At the lecture, Ms. XueFeng, SWF Chairperson, Ms. Wang Lu-ning, President of Shanghai Children's Foundation and Ms. ShenJie, President of Shanghai Elegance Corporation presented medics souvenirs as donation. The word further said that SWF did its best to locate fund and materials to back up Shanghai medics, with female in particular.