SWF Vice Chairperson at Armed Police for Sending a Seasonal Greeting

On the eve of the 93th Military Day, Ms. Sun Mei-e, Vice Chairperson of SWF as always, went to visit an armed police brigade for sending a seasonal greeting. During her stay there, she brought gifts to armed policemen together with SWF administration and staff from Shanghai She-shan Field-trip Base.

Ms. Sun Mei-e addressed armed policemen by sending her seasonal greeting and had a cordial discussion with them later afterwards. It was reported that She-shan Field-trip Base had a history of collaboration with armed policemen for years, from which both sides became known to each other and offered assistance to each other as well. Ms. Sun urged a help from armed policemen to SWF youth program while the nation was carrying out "Learning 4 histories" project.

At the end of the tour, Ms. Sun and her team was shown around establishments at the armed police brigade, such training ground, canteen and etc.