SWF Chapter (1978-2010) as a Part of Local Chronicle Approved

In the afternoon of July 27th, an authority for local chronicles arranged an assessment over SWF Chapter draft as a part of sub-chronicle for non-government organizations, Shanghai local Chronicle. Mr. Hong Min-rong, Director of the Chronicle Administration, Ms. Xu Feng, SWF Chairperson, Ms. Ge Ying-ming, Vice Chairperson and Ms. Li Li, assessment specialist were present at the assessment, which was chaired by Mr. Huang Xiao-ming, Division Chief from the Chronicle Administration. It was reported that over 20 people attended the assessment.

While congratulating an approval of SWF Chapterat the end of the assessment,Mr. Hong extended his thanks to SWF leadership for its attention given to the chronicle editing and specialists for their efforts at assessment. He commented that SWF team for chronicle-editing proceeded according to schedule with a steady progress and had it polished in no time after the first assessment. He furthered that up to now, SWF Chapter was excellent at its rich resources collected, clear framework designed, simplified language used and fine quality reflected. He hoped that the team would keep it up to seize time for improvement and try it best to have the chapter ready for publication soon.

Ms. Xu Feng addressed that 2020 was the 70 anniversary for SWF since it was founded. She wished that the SWF Chapter would be a gift to celebrate SWF 70th birthday and a resource for SWF staff refer to from time to time along with their learning "4 Histories" program. She highly recognized a contribution did by a group of retired staff who made a light of difficulties to have SWF history from 1978 to 2010 recorded in written form completely, which, she thought that it was worthwhile. She asked the team for editing to keep it up and further polish the Chapter based on suggestion and advises from the assessment to ensure the Chapter published with a high quality in six months.

Ms. Ge addressed at the meeting as well by singing appraises of assessors for their efficient work and detailed instruction. She promised that SWF would do it best to have it done in time.

Mr. Yu Wei-xing, Editing Team head, briefed the meeting itsrevision on SWF Chapter. After his introduction, assessors arrived at a comment in common that SWF Chapter was a local chronicle with high quality in deed. At the same time, assessors indicated rooms for improvement.