Red-Flag-Holders at Meeting to Study President Xi's Instruction

On July 26, a meeting was arranged by SWF, Red-Flag-Holders Association and SWF, Jia-ding Chapter to study President Xi's recent instruction issued at a meeting with entrepreneurs, among staff and members of the institutions above-mentioned. Ms. Li Yan-ling, President of the Association chaired the meeting. It was reported that there were over 50 people at the study meeting.

Ms. Zhao Xian-zhen, CEO, Ping-hai restaurant, Jia-ding District, an honored Red-Flag-Holder too, shared with those present at the meeting her personal feedback since read the instruction from President Xi. As a matter of fact, that Ms. Zhao was the only female among all entrepreneurs invited to the meeting with President Xi. Ms. Weng Wen-lei send her solute to Ms. Zhao in her address and commented that it wasn't an incidence for Zhao, who started with grocery sales and worked so hard for years to gain a success. Ms. Weng expected Zhao to keep it up and gain more achievement in the days to come. Ms. Weng called for her staff to identify good stories created by career women in their communities. She further asked the Association to play s leading role in guiding its membership to do a good job along with city advancement and sent a good example for the others to follow.

On July 21, Ms. Zhao was selected to attend a meeting for entrepreneurs arranged by President Xi personally. She was the only female among seven speakers as a representative of 82 million private entrepreneurs. Recalling every minute at the meeting, Ms. Zhao was very excited about it and said that "I would always bear in mind what President Xi's instruction and requests and keep in leading private entrepreneurs to work hard to make contribution to the local economic development."

Participants to the meeting in Shanghai were touched by Ms. Zhao's presentation and stressed that they should take Zhao as an example and keep up with their business by making light of all difficulty ahead of them in the days to come.