SWF Vice Chairperson at CPC University to Seek for Collaboration

In the morning of July 24th, Ms. Wen Wen-lei, Vice Chairperson of SWF, Ms. Li Yan-ling, President of Shanghai Red-Flag-Holder Association and the others went to visit CPC Shanghai University to discuss possibilityof collaboration with Executive Vice President, CPC Shanghai University and his colleagues.

Ms. Weng, Vice Chairperson extended her thanks to CPC Shanghai University for its leading role plaid in enhancing cadres of high position, those of theoretical studies and social science studies. She pointed out that Shanghai witnessed women's talents and strength in the service of nation and Shanghai as well. She furthered that SWF would give an attention to circulation of histories related with leading industries in Shanghai, which would be taken as an auxiliary texts for "four histories Learning" project. SWF would like to have CPC, Shanghai University to lend it a hand to have it done, since the University was powerful in its academic strength.

At the meeting with CPCShanghai University, Ms. Li Yan-ling outlined her draft for the course, which was to be divided into four chapters as insurance of people's livelihood, city development, deepening reform and made-in-China. Lectures would be presented by a group of Red-Flag-Holders as a team.

Ms. Xu Jian-gang, Executive Vice President of the University highly recognized SWF its courageousness and promised to offer his helping hand in preparing lectures on histories related. Ms. Chen Jian-jun from SWF suggested that combination of lectures of four histories with stories of Red-Flag-Holders was necessary and unique for the project, which was designed as a reflection of women's strength, extension of education for women and a brand-new model for CPC lectures as well.