Mid-Year Sum-up Held in SWF

In the afternoon of July 23, SWF held its Mid-Year Sum-up at Shanghai Science Hall. SWF leadership, delegates for 12th National Congress, China Women's Federation, SWF executives and representatives from all divisions and branches were present at the meeting, which registered more than 160. Ms. Weng Wen-lei, Vice Chairperson hosted the meeting with Ms. Gao Li-ping, a supervisor for SWF invited to it, too.

Ms. Xu Feng, Chairperson addressed the meeting to sum up SWF work did in the first part of the year and outlined main projects ready to be done in the following days. Ms. Xu commented that SWFdid an excellent job in guiding its teams at different levels and career women from all trades to helpcity with CONVID-19 control and prevention program and program to recover shifts and production. She stressed that in the coming days, SWF should bear in mind an important goal as calling for citizens to join in city enhancement and making enhanced city fit citizens to work and live and try its best to materialize the goal in SWF practices. It was said that an action named Action to Clear off Difficulties was ready to proceed.

Ms. Ge Ying-ming gave a brief account to a Standing members meeting held by All-China Women's Federation recently. Ms. Sun Hong-yan detailed the action for difficulty-clearing. Women Staff from Pu-dong, city authority for economy and information and a neighborhood reported their practices.

It was said that documents for carrying out the action and main points for the later part of the year were issued for reference.