SWF Chairperson at China International Import & Export Bureau

In the afternoon of July 16, Ms. XuFeng, SWF Chairperson led a group to call at China Import &Export Bureau, where she had a discussion with Mr. Liu, Deputy Head of the Bureau over issues as policies and direction for operations related with the 3rd Exposition, together with Mr. Liu's colleagues. Ms. Weng Wen-lei, Vice Chairperson and Ms. Du Song-yang, President for Shanghai Association for Female Entrepreneurs were present at the discussion.

During her trip at the Bureau, Ms. Xu briefed the host significance and objective for her visit and Mr. Liu shared his knowledge with visitors on background and operations for the coming Exposition. Mr. liu stressed that the Bureau would give first and foremost attention to prevention of COVID-19 and expect the Association for Female Entrepreneurs do a good job in negotiation for trading as well as in hosting forum while the Exposition was in operation. According to a request from the host, Ms. Du elaborated her script for a themed display for her Association and Heads of Dept. from the Bureau briefed visitors aims for hosting exposition and policies related available.

Visitors were guided to tour a couple of rooms for themed display.