Plaque Awarded to declare Xu Feng Studio Established

In the morning of July 17th, Standing Committee attached to Shanghai People's Congress held a plaque awarding ceremony to announce XuFeng Studio open. Ms. Gao Xiao Mei, Deputy Director of the Congress, together with directors of commissions related attended the ceremony. Ms. XuFeng, Member of the Standing Committee, Mr. Zhou Hong, Deputy Director of the Commission for Civil Affairs and the other were also present at the event.

Ms. Gao presented plaques to Ms. XuFeng and Ms.Ming Yi each. Ms. Gao said at the discussion held afterwards that it was an invention for the Congress to set up studios in the name of Congress members, which she believed that would encourage congress member to do better and improve efficiency of the Congress as well. Ms.Gao hoped that two studios would carry out researches to back up law-making and city governance.

Ms. Xu and Ms. Ming reflected at the discussion about what they would do to precede programs in the name of studios. It was disclosed that Xu Feng studio was to start a research on possibility of family education legislation. Ming Yi Studio was to initiate a research on legislation for service for the aged.

After the discussion, Ms. Gao visited SWF service for legal right protection and Service Center.