SWF Mediation Studio Attached to No.2 Intermediate Court Announced Open

SWF joined Shanghai No.2 Intermediate Court in collaboration of mediation service by establishing a studio to deal with disputes, which was an invention to utilize resources available to resolve disputes and confrontation. In the afternoon of July 15th, a ceremony for studio opening was held at the Court with Ms. Ge Ying-ming, Vice Chairperson of SWF, Ms. Jiang Hao, Vice President of the Court and staff from the Court and SWF present at the event.

Ms. Ge indicated in her address that mediation studio was an action to put into practice what President Xi expected Shanghai to do during his survey tour at Shanghai to call for citizens involved in the urban development and made the urban city friendly to its citizens. She continued that it was an invention for SWF, too. She urged the team at the mediation studio to well protect women and children legal right, find out important cases and difficulty in time and give a wide publicity to law governance and family education on fine tradition, in a bid to bring about Shanghai Model in dealing with disputes and confrontation derived from unsuccessfulmarriages.

A note on collaboration between the two was assigned. Ms. Ge and Ms. Jiang unveiled a plaque for the studio together. Mr. Lu Rong-gen presented appointment documents to two mediators. Ms. Ge, Ms. Jiang and Ms. Yu addressed the ceremony one after another.

The two parties toured the work place for the Studio and arranged what to be done as a follow-up after the event.