SWF Chairperson at She-shan Field Trip Base for Survey

In the afternoon of July 13th, Ms. XuFeng went to visit She-shan Field Trip Base which she assigned to contact with in CPC program. Her trip there was to survey program on "Four Histories Study" in action.

After hearing from CPC group its brief account on its program done in the first part of the year, Ms. Xu had a talk with its leadership and faculty. She addressed that she was happy that the Base corrected its crisis in time and brought about a brand-new climate, in which all staff dedicated to their work since. Confirmed progress made at the Base, Ms. XuFeng suggested what to do next to her staff there. She suggested staff at the base to do a good job in learning important instructions, observing disciplines and creating an environment to encourage staff to take a positive outlook on life and etc.