Revision for Shanghai Implementation Measures Regarding Law for Protecting Woman Rights

In the afternoon of July 7th, a proposal for research related was arranged at Shanghai Academy of Social Science with VIPs from SWF and the Academy present at the proposal together with their staff and professionals from University of Politics and Laws.

Mr. Yao Jian-long, Head of Law Study Institute attached to the Academy and team leader for the researchas well outlined an idea for the research, its framework and main points for the survey. Mr. Lu Rong-gen from SWF detailed problems and difficulties SWF confronted with in the past years in dealing with cases of hindering woman legal rights for reference of research team. Ms. Ge Ying-ming, Vice Chairperson of SWF addressed a general line for the revision project, in which, she said that giving a support to law revision was what SWF should do, it was a good practice in reaching a target to have the cityshapedmore friendly to its citizens and a best approach, too, to reinforce laws related.She hoped that the team would do its best to mainstream the revision into Shanghai long-rang strategicframework of being a noted global city and reflected better to answer needs of women in their course of advancement.

As a follow-up, SWF would exert its effort to guide the research project to proceed as expected and make a good use of resources available to back up the revision.