On-line Training Completed to Support 4th Survey in Shanghai on Chinese Woman Status

An on-line training course was arranged from June 29th to 30th to assist the local women organizations to carry out a survey on Chinese woman status in Shanghai area. Over 200 people attended the course, among whom, they were either supervisors, staff for contact or surveyors. It was said that the training was designed and organized by All-China Woman's Federation, for which, Ms.Tan Lin, Vice Chairperson and Chief for the Survey addressed at the course opening. Ms. Du Jiea researcher from Women Study Institute made an orientation and Ms. Pan Hong from SWF hosted the opening.

In her address made at the opening,Ms. Tan Ling pointed out that it was of importance to do 4th survey across the country and training surveyors and supervisors wasa key to the survey. She urged all staff across China to understand better their responsibility and have the survey done against anti-CONVID-19 battle. Ms. Ge from SWF followed up by saying that it was a political task assigned to Shanghai, which demanded our attention, leadership and arrangement. She asked staff in Shanghai to do their best to have it completed in time with a high quality.

Training went on according to schedule and curriculum covered significance of the survey, its scope for survey and ways used. Staff from Shanghai area listened to the course, raised questions at lecturers and all staff passed the unified exam at the end of the training.